The Metamorphosis 
Teatr / Kabaret

The Metamorphosis 

  • Wydarzenie archiwalne: 01.06.2024
Teatr Wilama HorzycyToruń, Plac Teatralny 1

Lietuvos Nacionalinis Dramos Teatra (Vilnius, Lithuania)

Friday, 31.05.2024 | at 5pm
Saturday, 1.06.2024 | at 5pm

Teatr im. Wilama Horzycy (Main Auditorium), pl. Teatralny 1

Earphones: Polish, English   

Attention: smoke is used in the performance.
The performance is intended for adult audiences.

How, when and why do we stop seeing the Other as fully human? The story of Gregor Zamza, the insect-turned-man, raises the question of the limits of our compassion for the Other: how the process of identification is carried out, how the Other is constructed, and whether we can accept the Other as a part of humanity. In The Trial Kafka foresaw the totalitarian ideologies that were soon to engulf Europe, as well as the nature of that war. When Russia waged war against Ukraine, it was said that this war would initiate the next phase of European history. Therefore, it may well be that we, Europeans in the 2020s – like Kafka, who lived through World War I – will have been witnessing watershed events that will usher in a new world order. 25.671 successfully featured at the Kontakt festival (2014, Gazeta Wyborcza – Toruń award for the most insightful diagnosis of contemporary reality).

Premiere: 31.05.2023

Directed by Oliver Frljić

Running Time: 1h 30 (no interval)

Photography: Dmitrij Matvejev

Źródło: Teatr im. Wilama Horzycy w Toruniu

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