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Public Enemies

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    czerwca 2024 (piątek), godz. 16:00
Teatr Wilama HorzycyToruń, Plac Teatralny 1

Divadlo Na zábradli (Prague, Czech Republic)

Friday, 7.06.2024 | at 4pm

Teatr im. Wilama Horzycy (Main auditorium), pl. Teatralny 1

Earphones: Polish, English   

The performance is based on a dialogue through letters exchanged over a period of six months between the writer and nihilist Michel Houellebecq and the leftist philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy. Right from the start, the viewer receives a strong dose of mutual criticism, insults and funny jokes, each adversary mauling the op- ponent with powerful punches. This fiery exchange contains themes both deeply philosophical and humanly down-to-earth. The adversaries confront their divergent views on Sartre, Kafka, sex, the father-son relationship, the political left, and the existence of God. On one side of the battlefield we see a confident, sun-tanned intellectual and on the other – a depressed novelist with a perpetual cigarette in the corner of his mouth – both exchanging their divergent worldviews, like highly flammable substances just waiting for a spark starting a fire. Jan Mikulášek production of Lost Illusions was featured at the Kontakt festival in 2022.


Director: Jan Mikulášek

Running time: 1h 30 (without interval)

Photography: KIVA                                                                                                               

Źródło: Teatr im. Wilama Horzycy w Toruniu

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