His and Hers
Teatr / Kabaret

His and Hers

  • Wydarzenie archiwalne: 01.06.2024
Teatr Wilama HorzycyToruń, Plac Teatralny 1

Teatr im. Wilama Horzycy (Toruń, Polska)

Friday, 31.05.2024 | at 8pm
Saturday, 1.06.2024 | at 7pm

Teatr im. Wilama Horzycy (Small stage), pl. Teatralny 1

Earphones: English
The performance is available with an induction loop (prior contact with the accessibility coordinator required)                                                                                          

Jakob and Grete were brought together by a chance meeting in a supermarket. A broken bottle of cream disrupts the order of their world and becomes the beginning of a new relationship. His and Hers is an affectionate story told with humour about the emerging relationship of two sensitive people. However, before they both decide that they are ready for it, they will have to fight their inner demons which, to make their struggle even more difficult, assume an extremely unexpected physical form on the stage. The homey Small Stage turns into a love laboratory, where we are drawn into an intimate story with unexpected shifts in pace and time as well as plot twists.


Artistic supervision: Łukasz Czuj

Running time: 1h 10 (with no interval)

Photography: Krzysztof Bieliński


Źródło: Teatr im. Wilama Horzycy w Toruniu

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