Teatr / Kabaret


  • 01
    czerwca 2024 (sobota), godz. 19:00
  • 02
    czerwca 2024 (niedziela), godz. 20:30
Teatr Wilama HorzycyToruń, Plac Teatralny 1

Nacionalinis Kauno Dramos Teatras (Ksaunas, Lithuania) i D‘haus (Düsseldorf, Germany)

Saturday, 1.06.2024 | at 7pm
Sunday 2.06.2024 | at 8:30pm

CKK Jordanki, al. Solidarności 1-3

Earphones: Polish, English
Attention: loud music
The performance is intended for audiences aged 14 and above.

American author Darryl Pinckney connects three stories about Basil Hallward, Francis Bacon and Oscar Wilde that are more or less made up but filled with deep truths in which memories, experiences, thoughts and feelings are intertwined. Dorian is a painter, model, poet and lover at the same time. Robert Wilson unfolds a captivating stream of images, taking us on a fascinating journey exploring complex relationships between artists and their creations. The performance is about love and the desire for recognition, the miracle of art and the destructive power of a nar- row-minded society. 


Director: Robert Wilson

Running time:  1h30 (without interval)

Photography: Lucie Jansch

Źródło: Teatr im. Wilama Horzycy w Toruniu

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